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Price Transparency

At Revelar, we understand that in healthcare data is the key to unlocking the insights needed to make informed decisions. Our team of data analysts are passionate about providing our clients with the latest technology solutions to help them gain price transparency. By providing up-to-date data and insights, we empower our clients to make better decisions and gain a competitive edge. Our services division also offers guidance to help with healthcare payer negotiations and ways to identify fair market value compensation.

Following July 1, 2022, most group health plans and issuers of group or individual health insurance across the country are required to disclose pricing information of negotiated rates for healthcare services between insurer and provider under the new Federal Price Transparency Rule in a machine-readable format. Revelar provides health plan negotiated pricing between payers and care delivery organizations in a human-readable format. 

Commercial In-Network Pricing Revealed

Providing a new level of comparison and transparency actionable through the Revelar Analytics tool, healthcare organizations now can analyze and differentiate negotiated commercial pricing structures among competitors.


  • Fair market value assessments during merger and acquisition negotiations 

  • Evaluate new market opportunities 

Health Plans

  • Benchmark fair market value compensation for plan design 

  • Optimize network management 


  • Guidance on plan selection and cost containment for plan administrators

  • Identify benchmarks for direct contracting and self-funded employer 


  • Guidance to help with payer negotiations for payer relations teams 

  • Benchmark fair market value compensation for improved market positioning

  • Develop preferred provider networks for value-based care arrangements  

Ways We Can Work With You


Data Delivery

Tailor the data to your specifications and receive it either directly via SFTP or data warehouse.


  • Bulk data delivery via Amazon Web Services in any state for any payer. 

  • Tailored to align with your specific use case and budget. Choose a portion of the MRF dataset, with the flexibility to set the frequency. Apply data filters based on TIN, NPI, or procedure code.


Actionable Dashboards

Utilize our self-service dashboard to visualize reimbursement rates by CPT, HCPCS, or DRG in any state for any payer.


Reseller Agreement

Designed for developers looking to leverage price transparency data, eliminating the need for raw data file processing. 

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